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“ We are so pleased with our Astro Building and the crew that put it up. We use the building to store restored Farmall tractors and on occasion a load of hay. In fact, we just can’t say enough good things about the building. ”
Fairbury, Nebraska
“ What a great barn! My mother-in-law says we need to have a barn dance now, If you come by our house, you will see the nicest barn in the county. ”
Omaha, Nebraska
“I am so happy with my new Astro Building. I wish I would have built it 20 years ago. Our salesman was extremely helpful in positioning the building on our suite. The crew was great! I have recommended Astro to many of my neighbors. ”
Beaver Crossing, Nebraska
“ Everyone connected with the project did an excellent job. Thanks. ”
Vail, Iowa
“ This is our second building. We put up our first one six years ago. ”
Union, Nebraska
“ My dad owns an Astro. Now I do too. ”
Firth, Nebraska
“ I purchased an Astro building because my sister and brother-in-law own an Astro and are very happy with it ”
McClellan, Iowa
“ We are loving our new barn ”
Valpariso, Nebraska
“ The construction crew did an outstanding job on all three of my buildings. I get many compliments on the appearance and quality of these buildings. The crew and the dealer were great to work with. This makes six Astro Buildings that I have purchased in the last four years. ”
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
“ The builder was super to work with. The thing I liked the most about his work was that he doesn’t get in a hurry but also works very steady. He wanted it done correctly as though it was his own building. I would recommend Astro Buildings to anyone because of the quality of the crew’s work. ”
Rossville, Kansas
“ I want it known that the dealer/salesman worked very hard to give me the barn that we desired. ”
Lincoln, Nebraska
“ This is my third Astro building. My crew does an excellent job or erecting buildings.”
Wellsville, Kansas
“ We are very pleased with the buildings and have had many compliments since it was erected. The salesman was a pleasure to work with, and was the biggest reason why we chose an Astro Building. I would definitely recommend Astro to anyone who asks about our building. ”
Utica, Nebraska
“ I am a 73-years old and an engineer. I have never seen a better crew than the the crew that put up my building. ”
Kincad, Kansas
“ Just wanted to let you know that I love the building … very adaptable. The construction crew did a great job. I would recommend an Astro Building to anyone. ”
Earling, Iowa
“ I will definitely recommend an Astro Building to anyone that asks. The crew did and awesome job on the building. They got to the job on time and the building looks great. They even cleaned up the area better than I would have. ”
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
“ My salesman was the most responsive and professional dealer we worked with. You had the best price and service. ”
West Des Moines, Iowa
“ I would certainly recommend to anyone the purchase of an Astro Building. The crew was wonderful. ”
Baldwin City, Kansas