Planning Your Building

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

The key to a quality post-frame building starts before a single post hole is dug. That’s why Astro's expert advisors will assist you throughout the entire planning process, from creating a flawless design and manageable timelines to keeping you informed about permit information and site preparation.

Timeline/Building Process

A Blueprint of Astro Building

1. Planning

Starting with the planning phase, an expert Astro advisor will assist you in the planning process to ensure your project is simple, worry-free and even enjoyable! Once your plan is in place, our highly skilled design team will bring your project to life.

Workers spreading mixed concrete for building floor

2. Preparing

When your building site is ready for construction, we will begin packaging your building components and preparing them for delivery. Our high-detailed CDL drivers will carefully deliver and unload your building on-site.

Palletes of bundled lumber

3. Delivery

One of our seasoned Astro construction crews will show up within a week of delivery to get the building process started.

Astro contractors siding building

4. Construction / Final Walkthrough

To make sure you’re completely blown away by our work, your Astro advisor will do a final walkthrough with you once the building is complete.

At Astro Buildings, we want to create jaw-dropping moments when you first walk into your new building.

Because we’re proud to stand behind the quality of our work, we offer top-notch warranties for each project. To find out which one is right for you, chat with your post-frame advisor.

Permit Information

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if a building permit is required. If one is required, it is also the customer’s responsibility to apply for the permit, however, Astro will provide the specifications and drawings to you for the application. Check with local municipalities or homeowners associations on any restrictions (size, height, materials, etc.) or required setbacks from your property lines.

Site Preparation

Excavation may be available through Astro depending on your location. If you decide to provide your own pad you will need to provide Astro builders with a level building site that is approximately 10 feet larger than your building on all sides. For example, a 30'x40' building would require a 50'x60' level pad. Adequate provisions should be made for drainage away from the site. Final leveling and grading may be needed after the completion of your building, which will be the responsibility of the customer.

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Astro has teamed up with HFS to bring you a competitive option for leasing and other financial options.

These professional, courteous financial professionals will assist in meeting your financial needs related to your farm, home or business.